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Hearing in Vertebrates: A Psychophysics Databook
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Hearing in Vertebrates: A Psychophysics Databook - Electronic Copy 

Richard R. Fay;
620 pp, Electronic Copy 1988

This book presents psychophysical data on vertebrate hearing obtained from the published literature. The data presented here are in the form of new figures original to this book, and tables giving the numerical values of all plotted points. It contains separate sections on the Lateral Line System (7 figures), Fish Hearing (62 figures), Amphibians and Reptiles (16 figures), Birds (63 figures), Mammals (over 115 figures), and Comparisons among Vertebrates (13 figures). In addition to data on hearing sensitivity, discrimination, and directional hearing, data are included on hearing development and infant hearing, aspects of echolocation, and the psycho physics of electrical stimulation of the auditory system. It contains a Topical Index for each section and also combined for all vertebrates, a Species Index containing all scientific and common animal >names with references to the kinds of data available for each, complete bibliographic references (placed on the text pages displaying the data derived from them, and as a combined Bibliography), a Journal List, and an Author Index. Introductions precede each section. A Comparative Section brings together selected data from different animal groups for comparison across all vertebrates.

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