2015 SDPWS Standard w/Commentary (Electronic)

2015 SDPWS Standard w/Commentary (Electronic)

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The 2015 SDPWS w/ Commentary is also packaged with the 2015 Wood Design Package (including the 2015 NDS and 2015 NDS Supplement) and 2015 NDS Supplement) and the 2018 Wood Design Package (including the 2018 NDS and 2018 NDS Supplement).

ANSI / AWC SDPWS-2015 - Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic standard provides criteria for proportioning, designing, and detailing engineered wood systems, members, and connections in lateral force resisting systems.

Engineered design of wood structures to resist wind or seismic forces is either by allowable stress design (ASD) or load and resistance factor design (LRFD). Nominal shear capacities of diaphragms and shear walls are provided for reference assemblies.

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