A Principal’s Guide to Special Education, 3rd edition
By David F. Bateman and C. Fred Bateman

Developed in collaboration with and endorsed by the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National Association of Secondary School Principals and incorporating the perspectives of both teachers and principals, the third edition of A Principal’s Guide to Special Education addresses such current issues as teacher accountability and evaluation, instructional leadership, collaborative teaching and learning communities, discipline procedures for students with disabilities. The guide provides an effective roadmap for administrators as they navigate the maze of issues that is public education, particularly as these relate to the education of students with disabilities.
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All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
By Robert Fulghum

Fulghum returns to the book that was embraced around the world. He has written a new preface and twenty-five essays, which add even more potency to a common, though no less relevant, piece of wisdom: that the most basic aspects of life bear its most important opportunities.
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An Educator’s Guide to Family Involvement in Early Literacy
By Jennifer Prior

Make family involvement a priority with this practical and teacher friendly book that offers ready-to-use tools. Every resource is provided electronically so that teachers can customize the materials to better suit their students, families and communities.
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Bringing the Common Core to Life in K-8 Classrooms
By Eric Jensen and Leann Nickelsen

Discover strategies to promote student mastery of the Common Core State Standards for English language arts across the curriculum. Explore techniques to lead students in close reading, activate their background knowledge to prepare them for learning, and gain insight into habit formation. You’ll develop the know-how to effectively structure teaching to empower all students.
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Can You Hear Me Now? Applying Brain Research and Technology to Engage Today’s Students
By Lisa Nimz and Jerry Michel

The focus of this K-12 book is how educators can effectively deliver instruction that maximizes their students’ ability to grow academically and emotionally amidst the “noise” of technology. This resource is aligned to the interdisciplinary themes from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and supports core concepts of STEM instruction.
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CCSS and ELLs Common Core State Standards and English Language Learners
By Estee Lopez, Ed.D.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) pose an exciting challenge for all educators and their students, each of whom is expected to meet these standards. The CCSS in English Language Arts (ELA) articulate rigorous grade-level expectations focused on higher order thinking processes in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing to prepare all students to be college and career ready. To this end, this reference guide is designed to increase educators’ ability to make teaching and learning decisions based on research-based best practices for the academic and language achievement of English language learners (ELLs). It can also serve to initiate professional learning conversations and guide educators to resources that accelerate and improve the performance of ELL students.
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Common Core State Standards: A Step-by-Step Approach Mathematics, Grades K-5
By Toby Karten

This reference guide provides an overview for the K-5 Mathematics Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and offers educators a step-by-step approach to help students gain math knowledge and skills. The math standards encourage students to become critical thinkers who are able to make sense of problems and reason abstractly.
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Culturally Proficient Practice: Supporting Educators of English Learning Students
By Delores B. Lindsey, Randall B. Lindsey

The authors clearly articulate the importance of valuing the whole student, seeing the student’s language, culture, and community, not as a barrier, but as an asset with which to build academic and social success.
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Cyber Security for Educational Leaders: A Guide to Understanding and Implementing Technology Policies
By Richard Phillips and Rayton R. Sianjina

Based on research and best practices, this book discusses the threats associated with technology use and policies and arms aspiring and practicing leaders with the necessary tools to protect their schools and to avoid litigation.
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Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times
By Eric Sheninger

Digital leadership is a strategic mindset and set of behaviors that leverages resources to create a meaningful, transparent, and engaging school culture. It takes into account recent changes such as ubiquitous connectivity, open-source technology, mobile devices, and personalization to dramatically shift how schools have been run and structured for over a century.
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Essentials for Principals sets
Buy any combination of two Essentials for principals and receive a 25% discount.

Buy as many combinations of two as you like and receive 25% on all combinations.

Choose from the current available Essentials for Principals series titles:

  • The School Leader's Guide to Professional Learning Communities at Work
  • Essentials: Communicating & Connecting with Social Media
  • Essentials: Effective Program Evaluation, Second Edition
  • Essentials: Mobile Learning Devices
  • Essentials for Principals: Creating Physical and Emotional Security in Schools
  • Essentials for Principals: Data-Based Decision Making, third edition
  • Essentials for Principals: The School Leader’s Guide to English Learners
  • Essentials for Principals: The School Leader's Guide to Special Education, 3rd Edition
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Essentials for Principals: Communicating And Connecting with Social Media
By William M. Ferriter, Jason T. Ramsden and Eric C. Sheninger

This book was selected as a finalist for the 2012 AEP Awards’ Distinguished Achievement Awards in the Community Building and Parental Involvement category.

Find out more about these awards at the AEP Awards website.

The central assertion in Communicating and Connecting With Social Media is that schools cannot continue to overlook the potential benefits that social media spaces hold for reaching out to our communities, preparing our teachers, and connecting with our kids. In this short text, the authors specifically examine how enterprising schools are using social media tools to provide customized professional development for teachers. They also explore the marketing and communications value of developing a social-networking presence and examine the kinds of school and district practices necessary for supporting successful school-based social media efforts. Administrators can use what they learn in Communicating and Connecting With Social Media to transform their communication practices.
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Essentials for Principals: Creating Physical and Emotional Security in Schools
By Kenneth C. Williams

Provides strategies principals can use to facilitate a secure caring learning community. Learn how you and your staff can nurture supportive relationships with students, develop conflict management strategies, develop an effective schoolwide behavior and discipline plan, prevent different forms of bullying, establish high expectations for students and staff, and encourage celebration and parent involvement.
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Essentials for Principals: Mobile Learning Devices
By Kipp Rogers

In Mobile Learning Devices, author Kipp Rogers confronts the doubts many educators and parents have toward the use of mobile learning devices (MLDs) in classrooms. Mobile learning, he writes, challenges many of the basic assumptions that have been made for decades about education. He then shows how schools can mitigate the potentially negative effects of MLDs, while using them to enhance and expand learning in the 21st century classroom.
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First Things First
By Ruby Takanishi

Challenging policymakers, educators, reformers, and citizens to replace piecemeal reforms with fundamental redesign, First Things First! calls for a different way of organizing the American primary school. Ruby Takanishi outlines a new framework for integrating early education with primary education (pre-K–5), including both short- and long-term strategies, that starts with 3 and 4-year olds. Featuring portraits of primary schools that have successfully integrated pre-K, the book includes resources on dual-language learners, dual-generation family engagement, effective philanthropy, rethinking advocacy, and more.
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Leading After-School Communities: What Principals Should Know and Be Able to Do

After-School programs offer valuable opportunities to support children's learning while ensuring their safety when the school day ends. This guide contains a wealth of strategies and resources that show how principals can fulfill an essential leadership role in after-school programs without assuming additional management responsibilities.
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Leading Early Childhood Learning Communities: What Principals Should Know and Be Able to Do

NAESP's latest standards book helps principals understand the critical need for high-quality early childhood education and what their role is in advocating, supporting, and improving early childhood education in their schools and communities.

Explanations of six standards, real-life examples of the standards' application in schools, reflection questions, and assessment checklists give principals a comprehensive guide for this important stage in a child's education.
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What Principals Need to Know Set
Buy both books and receive a 25% discount!

Leading Early Childhood Learning Communities: What Principals Should Know and Be Able To Do Leading Learning Communities: Standards of What Principals Should Know and Be Able To Do
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Leading Learning Communities: Standards For What Principals Should Know And Be Able To Do, second edition

This handbook for principals provides practical recommendations that affirm best practices and help educators create structures that not only promote positive student behaviors, but also reduce schoolwide management problems and increase student achievement. Updated for the next generation of school leaders! ©2008, soft cover, 158 pages
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SKU:    LLC2
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Leading Pre-K-3 Learning Communities Competencies for Effective Principal Practice

Electronic Version (PDF)

Hard Copy Version available here.

Site licenses for district and state-wide purchasing are available by request.
Please contact us at NAESP-Orders to inquire.

As the federal role expands to support increased state investments in school-based prekindergarten programs, NAESP has released an updated, principal competency guide: Leading Pre-K-3 Learning Communities: Competencies for Effective Principal Practice. Developed by a panel of leading practitioners, this standards document defines new competencies, and outlines a practical approach to high-quality early childhood education that is critical to laying a strong foundation for learning for young children from age three to grade three, or Pre-K-3.

Leading Pre-K-3 Learning Communities encompasses what principals believe:
  • Learning starts early
  • Supporting children to be prepared when they start school is essential to helping them get on the right track
  • Developing appropriate skills, knowledge and dispositions is fundamental to children’s future success
  • Getting children on grade level by the time they leave third grade, particularly in reading and math, is essential to ensuring they graduate from high school ready for college, careers and life

This groundbreaking work sets forth a strategy to help principals develop and expand their instructional leadership with a child-centered focus and acquire the practical skills necessary to address the academic, social, emotional and physical development needs of all young children.
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Proud to be a Principal T-Shirt
“Proud to Be a Principal” (front-left side)

Pre-Shrunk 50% Cotton 50% Polyester…. sizes available for purchase - Small, Medium, Large and XL.
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NAESP Executive Portfolio with integrated calculator, pockets for business cards, black ball point pen and holds a 5 ¾ x 8 ½ tablet.
NAESP Executive Portfolio with integrated calculator, pockets for business cards, black ball point pen and holds a 5 ¾ x 8 ½ tablet.
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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
By Susan Cain

In Quiet, Susan Cain argues that we dramatically undervalue introverts and shows how much we lose in doing so. Quiet has the power to permanently change how we see introverts and, equally important, how they see themselves.
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School Emergency Management: A Practical Approach to Implementation
By Jeff Kaye, Roy Hill, and Blake Goetz

This important resource will help your school district achieve 100% compliance with Federal and State mandates on emergency operations in schools, secures important federal funding and grants for your school, and save lives. This book tells how to get it done, practically and effectively.
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School Leader’s Guide To the Common Core: Achieving Results Through Rigor and Relevance
By James A. Bellanca, Robin J. Fogarty, Brian M. Pete, and Rebecca L. Stinson

The authors offer five principles for school leaders on effective coaching and feedback. You can implement the Common Core State Standards with downloadable reproducible, lists of resources to support the many topics affected, discussion questions, and relevant information to share with your colleagues.
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Stratosphere: Integrating Technology, Pedagogy, and Change Knowledge
By Michael Fullan

Fullan takes a closer look at the fast-paced world of emerging technologies and argues that the inevitable influence of technology on teaching and learning must not be resisted, but rather embraced and applied in meaningful ways to positively impact school classrooms. We should create a vision for improving education by escaping the content-focused teaching of the past and embracing “the new pedagogy” of higher-order skills while focusing on the harnessing of fast and innovative technologies to bring about change in classrooms, districts, states, and provinces.
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Teaching the Common Core Speaking & Listening Standards: Strategies & Digital Tools
By Kristen Swanson

Speaking and listening in the digital age requires proficient use of digital tools – this must-have resource gives you practical ideas and directions to integrate powerful technology tools seamlessly into your instruction.
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The Animal School
By George H. Reavis

Here`s the story of a frustrated rabbit, a debilitated duck, a struggling squirrel, and an errant eagle who have the same problem as do thousands of students. They are all suffering in an educational system that gives little to no regard to their individual strengths and learning differences.
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The Daily 5: Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Grades, 2nd edition
By Gail Boushey and Joan Moser

The Daily 5, second edition, retains the core literacy components that made the first edition one of the most widely read books in education. This timely resource provides a way for any teacher to structure literacy (and now math) time to increase student independence and allow for individualized attention in small groups and one-on-one.
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The Power of a Teacher
By Adam Saenz

Adam is indeed a rare breed of psychologist: His personal story will inspire you, and his professional workshops will empower you. In The Power of a teacher you will develop well-being and identify strengths and weakness in the occupational, emotional, financial, spiritual and physical areas of your life.
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The Power of Branding: Telling Your School's Story
By Tony Sinanis and Joseph M. Sanfelippo

Explore the benefits of branding and create an action plan for sharing the excellent things unfolding in your classroom, school, or district. Concrete suggestions and in-depth case studies will help you:
  • Artfully create a brand name, symbol or design
  • Share great events using blogs and more
  • Empower all stakeholders, including students
  • Teach digital citizenship K-12
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Price: $15.00
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The School Leader's Guide to Grading
By Ken O’Connor

Ensure your school’s grading procedures are supportive of learning, accurate, meaningful, and consistent. Discover how the “seven essential Ps” can improve your effectiveness in supporting assessment and communicating student achievement. This book provides principals with knowledge that will help them meet the standards of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), as outlined in the second edition of Leading Learning Communities: Standards for What Principals Should Know and Be Able to Do.
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What Great Teachers Do Differently: 17 Things That Matter Most
By Todd Whitaker

In the second edition of this renowned book, you will find pearls of wisdom, heartfelt advice, and inspiration from one of the nation’s leading authorities on staff motivation, teacher leadership, and principal effectiveness. With wit and understanding, Todd Whitaker describes the beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and interactions of great teachers and explains what they do differently.

New features include: 
    • Meaning what you say 
    • Focusing on students first 
    • Putting yourself in their position
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Price: $34.95
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What Principals Need to Know Set
  • What Principals Need to Know About the Basics of Creating Brain-Compatible Classrooms
  • What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Mathematics
  • What Principals Need to Know About Differentiated Instruction, Second Edition
  • What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Science, Second Edition
  • What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Reading, Second Edition
  • What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Writing, Second Edition
$75 - Members and Non-Members (Save $45)
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Price: $75.00
NAESP Member Price: $75.00 
What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Science
By Eric C. Sheninger and Keith Devereaux

This accessible resource offers practical strategies for increasing student achievement in science and fostering a school environment that supports the science curriculum. Assess your own science programs, and find tools to evaluate teacher preparedness for science instruction. With checklists, assessments, and reproducibles that you can share with teachers, parents, and other stakeholders, discover how to improve science instruction and sustain a strong science program.
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Price: $24.95
NAESP Member Price: $19.95 
What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Writing
By Ruth Culham

This book offers K-8 principals practical strategies for supporting and assessing writing instruction in all content areas while equipping teachers with instructional practices that emphasize this critical skill.
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Price: $24.95
NAESP Member Price: $19.95 
What Principals Need to Know Set
Buy both books and receive a 25% discount

What Principals Need to know about The Basics of Creating Brain-Compatible Classrooms
What Principals Need to know about Teaching and Learning Mathematics
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Price: $34.95
NAESP Member Price: $29.95