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Choose from the current available Essentials for Principals series titles:

  • The School Leader's Guide to Professional Learning Communities at Work
  • Essentials: Communicating & Connecting with Social Media
  • Essentials: Effective Program Evaluation, Second Edition
  • Essentials: Mobile Learning Devices
  • Essentials for Principals: Creating Physical and Emotional Security in Schools
  • Essentials for Principals: Data-Based Decision Making, third edition
  • Essentials for Principals: The School Leader’s Guide to English Learners
  • Essentials for Principals: The School Leader's Guide to Special Education, 3rd Edition
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Essentials for Principals: Communicating And Connecting with Social Media
By William M. Ferriter, Jason T. Ramsden and Eric C. Sheninger

This book was selected as a finalist for the 2012 AEP Awards’ Distinguished Achievement Awards in the Community Building and Parental Involvement category.

Find out more about these awards at the AEP Awards website.

The central assertion in Communicating and Connecting With Social Media is that schools cannot continue to overlook the potential benefits that social media spaces hold for reaching out to our communities, preparing our teachers, and connecting with our kids. In this short text, the authors specifically examine how enterprising schools are using social media tools to provide customized professional development for teachers. They also explore the marketing and communications value of developing a social-networking presence and examine the kinds of school and district practices necessary for supporting successful school-based social media efforts. Administrators can use what they learn in Communicating and Connecting With Social Media to transform their communication practices.
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Essentials for Principals: Creating Physical and Emotional Security in Schools
By Kenneth C. Williams

Provides strategies principals can use to facilitate a secure caring learning community. Learn how you and your staff can nurture supportive relationships with students, develop conflict management strategies, develop an effective schoolwide behavior and discipline plan, prevent different forms of bullying, establish high expectations for students and staff, and encourage celebration and parent involvement.
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Essentials for Principals: Mobile Learning Devices
By Kipp Rogers

In Mobile Learning Devices, author Kipp Rogers confronts the doubts many educators and parents have toward the use of mobile learning devices (MLDs) in classrooms. Mobile learning, he writes, challenges many of the basic assumptions that have been made for decades about education. He then shows how schools can mitigate the potentially negative effects of MLDs, while using them to enhance and expand learning in the 21st century classroom.
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The School Leader's Guide to Grading
By Ken O’Connor

Ensure your school’s grading procedures are supportive of learning, accurate, meaningful, and consistent. Discover how the “seven essential Ps” can improve your effectiveness in supporting assessment and communicating student achievement. This book provides principals with knowledge that will help them meet the standards of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), as outlined in the second edition of Leading Learning Communities: Standards for What Principals Should Know and Be Able to Do.
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