Culturally Proficient Practice: Supporting Educators of English Learning Students
By Delores B. Lindsey, Randall B. Lindsey

The authors clearly articulate the importance of valuing the whole student, seeing the student’s language, culture, and community, not as a barrier, but as an asset with which to build academic and social success.
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Cyber Security for Educational Leaders: A Guide to Understanding and Implementing Technology Policies
By Richard Phillips and Rayton R. Sianjina

Based on research and best practices, this book discusses the threats associated with technology use and policies and arms aspiring and practicing leaders with the necessary tools to protect their schools and to avoid litigation.
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School Emergency Management: A Practical Approach to Implementation
By Jeff Kaye, Roy Hill, and Blake Goetz

This important resource will help your school district achieve 100% compliance with Federal and State mandates on emergency operations in schools, secures important federal funding and grants for your school, and save lives. This book tells how to get it done, practically and effectively.
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